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Wind Energy

The components of a wind turbine and how they work

Wind energy is energy obtained from the wind. There are currently three types: onshore wind,…
seguridad eléctrica
renewable energies

Electrical safety and its importance

Electrical safety refers to the set of measures and precautions designed to prevent accidents and…
movilidad sostenible
renewable energies

Sustainable mobility and its impact on the environment

Electric and sustainable mobility emerges as a transformative solution to reduce the carbon footprint and…
energía solar flotante
Solar Energy

The expansion of floating solar power

Floating solar energy consists of the installation of solar panels on water: lakes, reservoirs, rivers…
Julio Verne
Green Hydrogenrenewable energies

Galician petrol stations join the “Julio Verne” project to install hydrogenerators.

El proyecto Julio Verne, liderado por Univergy Hidrógeno ha sumado un nuevo socio, la Federación…
renewable energies

Renewable energy challenges and barriers

Due to climate change and with the aim of reducing dependence on fossil fuels, renewable…