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Today, 5 June, we celebrate World Environment Day. It was first established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 Over the past 50 years, this day has become one of the most far-reaching global platforms

Día Medioambiente

But the origin is earlier. Two years earlier, in 1972, when the ONU developed an action that promoted action to raise awareness and importance of the environment Most importantly, they wanted to educate society to be aware of its great role in caring for the planet.

caring for the planet. This year’s theme is ‘Restoring our ecosystems’. What does this mean? ? It focuses on restoring land, halting desertification and strengthening resilience to drought under the slogan ‘Our land. Our Future.’

Ecosystems are an important part of life on Earth . From oceans to forests They provide clean air, clean water, crop cultivation and climate regulation. The problem lies in deforestation, pollution and soil change caused by human activities.

Today, we would like to remind you that together, we can make the planet a better place. To do so, there are several actions we can take:

Switch to renewable energies Clean energies are the solution: encourage the use of natural resources and use new sources of energy. Moreover, these sources are inexhaustible.

Reforestation and forest conservation. Planting and protecting is crucial For example, sustainable reforestation programmes can be a good idea for forest restoration.

Wetland restoration. They are unique ecosystems that filter water, control floods and are habitats for many species Restoring degraded wetlands by reintroducing native plants and removing invasive species can significantly improve their ecological functionality.

Environment Day reminds us that we are all responsible for safeguarding and restoring our planet. We can ensure a healthy and balanced future for generations to come through global collaboration and the adoption of sustainable practices This 5 June, we celebrate Environment Day with a commitment to restore and promote a greener, more sustainable world

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