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The transition to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future is crucial for this year 2024. The three key technologies that will make this transition possible will be renewable energy, batteries and green hydrogen, which are set to revolutionise the way we generate, store and use energy.

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Renewable energies such as solar or wind have experienced great growth in recent years and without a doubt, 2024 will be no exception. Lower installation costs and technological advances will drive the adoption of these clean energies globally.

Solar PV and wind power are expected to contribute significantly to the global energy mix.


Energy storage will play a crucial role in the effective integration of renewables. By 2024, advanced batteries, with technologies such as lithium-ion and other innovative solutions, will play a central role in smart energy management.

The development of more efficient and affordable batteries will enable large-scale storage, ensuring a stable supply of energy even in times of low renewable generation. This will facilitate the transition to a more resilient and flexible electricity grid, capable of meeting the challenges of intermittency inherent in solar and wind energy.


Green hydrogen is set to play a critical role in the decarbonisation of hard-to-electrify sectors such as heavy industry and transport. By 2024, green hydrogen production is expected to reach significant levels.

The push towards sustainable mobility will drive the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells in vehicles, while the industry will explore applications in cleaner and more efficient manufacturing processes. Investments in green hydrogen infrastructure and the creation of international partnerships will strengthen the position of this fuel as a key pillar of the global energy transition.

Knowledge and awareness of these technologies is shaping a future where sustainability and innovation come together to transform the way we generate and use energy. The energy revolution is already underway and we are getting closer and closer to a sustainable future.