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January 7th saw the start of the sales, a time when we can see offers and discounts in all shop windows, online shops, newsletters, advertisements and all kinds of clothing, footwear, cosmetics, electronic products… But have you ever wondered about the impact of the excessive consumption of products?


Nowadays, sales are synonymous with impulsive and excessive purchases. However, we can also participate in the sales in a conscious and sustainable way. How can we take a more responsible approach to our purchasing?

1. Understand what responsible consumption is:

Knowing this concept is essential to make purchasing decisions considering the environmental, social and economic impact they entail. With deep discounts, the temptation to buy unnecessary items is high, but by adopting a responsible mindset we can make a difference.

2. Buy only what you need:

Before you go shopping, prepare a list of the items you need and shop making sure you only get what you need. In this way, a much more responsible consumption is achieved.

3. Choose and bet on the most sustainable brands:

When you’re going to make a purchase, you can first research the brands’ business practices and ethics. Choose those that are committed to environmental sustainability, social equity, and transparency in their supply chain. Prioritizing sustainable brands over others is a great idea to protect our environment and the planet.

4. Give garments a second life:

Instead of always looking for something new, consider reusing and recycling. Sales are also a great time to explore thrift stores. In addition, nowadays there are many apps that exist to buy a second-hand object.

5. Prioritize quality over quantity:

Instead of buying on impulse and just because there are discounts, it’s important to consider quality over quantity. You can opt for durable, well-made products that will not only last longer over time, but will reduce the need for frequent replacement.

By following these tips, you can shop on sale consciously and sustainably while building positively to care for the environment and society.

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