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Univergy Solar coordinates, together with its partners and with the support and leadership of the Port Authority of Vigo, the “Jules Verne” project for the generation of Green Hydrogen for consumption in industrial uses, logistics operations and land and sea transport.

Vigo, Madrid, 7 September 2022 – The Port Authority of Vigo presented yesterday the “Jules Verne” Green Hydrogen project, which the Japanese-Hipanese company Univergy Solar, as founding partner and coordinator, is developing together with the experienced promoters Soltec Ingenieros, Quantum and Anfaco Cecopesca.

The “Jules Verne” project will be one of the first public access Green Hydrogen refuelling stations in Galicia and will have as its final objective the generation and dispensing of renewable Green Hydrogen for its application in industrial consumption in the area and logistic operations of both land and maritime mobility in the port area of Vigo.

Julio Hidalgo, Director of the Hydrogen Division of Univergy Solar, highlighted the importance and responsibility of the Company’s participation in this “Jules Verne” Hydrogen pilot project, which we hope will be a reference and model to be followed by the extensive network of seaports in Spain, not only for providing clean energy to them but also for the advances it represents in terms of technology and job creation.

As part of Univergy’s strategic plan, the Univergy Hydrogen team has been working for more than two years on a portfolio of hybrid projects that incorporate the generation of this energy vector. Green Hydrogen already represents 7.2% of the Company’s total portfolio of projects under development, representing an electrolyser capacity of around 1.3 GW distributed in countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Japan and Australia.

The Hydrogen Roadmap for Spain foresees a first phase of installation of 600 MW of electrolyser capacity by 2024 and at least 4 GW by 2030. Within the same time horizon, the European Hydrogen Strategy sets a target for Europe of installing 6 GW (2024) and 40 GW (2030) of electrolysers.

About Univergy Solar

UNIVERGY Solar is a Spanish-Japanese group with headquarters in Tokyo and Madrid, specialising in the development, construction and operation of renewable energy projects in more than 19 countries. It has more than 20 years of experience in the development of renewable energy generation projects at an international level, managing a development portfolio of more than 17.8 GW in Solar Wind and Green Hydrogen projects.