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The renewable energy sector has not been affected by the COVID crisis because it has basically become an essential need for the planet and a great investment for individuals.

The “Renewable Energy” concept has experienced exponential growth in recent years, both globally and in Spain. But this is not the most surprising, the renewable energy sector has experienced great growth, especially at the reputational and generational level.

Unfortunately, 2020 has been a year in which most sectors have not achieved the expected results, and even many sectors, such as the hotel and tourism industries, have experienced one of the greatest profit losses in recent years, all this due to the great global crisis resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic.

Since the close of the first quarter of the year, we have already seen the media echoing the heavy losses resulting from the closure of borders and the slowdown of the economy, however, we have also seen how, at the same time, the media published that the renewable energy sector was growing in spite of everything.

How is it possible for a sector to achieve business growth while the global economy is sinking?

The big difference between the renewable energy sector and any other sector is that this sector has become essential for governments, administrations and individuals alike.

We are faced with a change of mentality at social level and the creation of large power plants on national land, while the installation of solar panels in homes and private businesses is currently in great demand, with extensive feasibility and also, a wide range of possibilities for the subsidy or financing of the down payment.

With the installation of a self-consumption system, the customer achieves energy independencepower savingsenvironmental sustainability and an extra benefit for the surplus energy that is returned to the power grid. In addition, right now there are countless subsidies and financing modalities so that the payment of these facilities does not involve an extra expense in the household economy.

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