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A PPM or Project Portfolio Management is a set of techniques, tools and guidelines that allow you to organize a company’s resources to be able to carry out several projects simultaneously.


With PPM tools we can manage projects and operations efficiently, configure the budget to meet objectives, define specific tasks and assign managers in an agile and coordinated way.

Given the multiple advantages and benefits obtained in project management, at Univergy Solar we have decided to implement Triskell’s software in our company.

What is Triskell? “Triskell is a strategic planning-focused enterprise portfolio management platform with advanced project and product portfolio management capabilities that help bridge the gap between strategy and execution”

Through this platform we will be able to:

  • Establish our own business process management systems.
  • Manage and monitor our project portfolio.
  • Adjust the platform as our projects evolve.

After several months working on it, we can finally say that our development departments have already received training on the platform and are working with it to obtain even more efficient project management.

There is no doubt that digitalization has transformed the way projects are managed and executed by enabling greater efficiency, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making. Implementing digital tools in project and program management, in conjunction with sound PPM practices, can lead to a significant improvement in project execution and success in the enterprise.

At Univergy Solar we are very proud of this new implementation that will make us achieve successful results and bring us closer to our goals.