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The 4 PV projects have been awarded in the last auction of renewable energies held in Japan. The renewable plants built since 2012 by Univergy in Japan reach the figure of more than 200 projects that provide 1 GW of installed facilities delivered to clients and under development.

Madrid, Tokyo, 11th September 2019.– The Spanish-Japanese company Univergy Internacional has awarded 4 photovoltaic projects in Japan in order to install around 9.5 MW. The projects that will be carried out are: Hokkaido Otaru Momonai (2.3 MW), Kagawa Takamatsu Nishikasuga (1.1 MW), Kagoshima Sendai (3.6 NW) and Tottori Yonago Hikona (2.5 MW).

Ignacio Blanco, President and CEO of Univergy Internacional, says that “with the award of these 4 new photovoltaic projects in auction, Univergy consolidates its position in Japan in the installation of solar plants, which confirms us as a very competitive company concerning prices and quality, a fact that is proved by the more than the 200 solar plants developed in this country.”

Likewise, Blanco points out that “the aims of Japan for the development of photovoltaic solar energy are 28 GW for 2020 and 53 GW for 2030; currently, being the generation of solar energy only the 3.5% of the total energy supply, while the Ministry of Energy (METI) recommends reaching the 7% of photovoltaic solar energy for 2030”

Thus, Univergy continues its development process in the solar market, consolidating its leadership in the Asia Pacific region, where it has the means and a stable structure for the development of large renewable projects with its own offices from 2012 in Japan, and afterwards opening in Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, India and Bangladesh.

Find attached a map with the names of the projects and the power in MW of the current 14 most significant Photovoltaic Facilities (160 MW in total) about the development of Univergy International in Japan.

About Univergy

UNIVERGY International is a Spanish-Japanese company based in Tokyo and Madrid and specialized in the development of large-scale renewable energies projects with an international presence in more than 20 countries in the world. It has a extensive know-how of more than 20 years in the development of energy generation from renewable sources, with a portfolio of projects under development exceeding 3.5 GW.