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The “Rebentó” and “Salinetes II” solar farms are part of a package of projects that reach 52MW. Univergy Solar will build these farms on a “turnkey” basis for one of its strategic clients.

Madrid, Alicante, April 27, 2021. – The Spanish-Japanese company Univergy Solar will begin the construction of two solar power plants, “Rebento” and “Salinetes II,” in the Alicante municipality of Petrer (Alicante). This project will start in June 2021 and aims to achieve clean power generation capacity of almost 10 MW.

The development of the “Rebentó” and “Salinetes II” solar farms will strengthen the implementation of renewable energy in the municipality of Petrer, as explained by the Town Planning Councilor of the Municipality. These solar farms will be installed on land covering 6.3 and 5.75 hectares respectively, with the installation of 11,745 and 12,454 photovoltaic panels. Construction will begin in May and June of the current year and the connection to the power grid will take place in five months, by the end of 2021.

Fernando Dávila, Chief Operating Officer at Univergy Solar, said that “the start-up of “Rebentó” and “Salinetes II” in Petrer means the continuity for Univergy Solar in the consolidation of its projects in Spain, after having developed large solar and wind power plants in the international market.”

In this way, Univergy Solar continues the process of national and international development in the solar market, consolidating its leadership in the Asia Pacific region, Latin America, and now in Spain and Europe.

About Univergy Solar

UNIVERGY Solar is a Hispanic-Japanese company with headquarters in Tokyo and Madrid. It specializes in large-scale renewable energy projects and has international presence in more than 16 countries across the globe. It has more than 20 years of extensive experience developing renewable energy projects, with a portfolio of projects in development of over 13 GW.