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The Univergy Solar Business Group, a leader in the renewable energy sector, in line with the quality, environment and safety and health policies governing its operation since its inception, has obtained triple ISO certification: Quality Management System ISO 9001, Environmental Management ISO 14001 and Occupational Safety and Health ISO 45001.

Obtaining these three certifications has required the active involvement of company management and the IT & Quality department, as well as the cooperation of the entire corporate, technical and commercial team to achieve an effective implementation of all improvement processes and systems. In this way, Univergy Solar implements and improves a working system that places the customer at the center of all our processes, achieving that the actions resulting from these administrative and procedural improvements reach our fundamental objective of obtaining customer satisfaction.

Univergy Solar, like many companies in the industry, has had a special interest in achieving ISO certifications and will continue to strive in this direction for continuous improvement and upkeep of the same.

These certifications are synonymous of and guarantee business transparency, quality and social and environmental responsibility, because obtaining these certifications not only certifies that the company complies with legal requirements in all these areas, but it is also an effective way of expressing the company’s firm commitment to respect all the ethical and professional areas of the renewable energy sector.

Thanks to the processing of these certifications, Univergy Solar closes the year 2020 with excellence, with almost 15GW in international development and the construction of approximately 170 photovoltaic solar power facilities in Spain alone, beginning 2021 with the objective of contributing to a large extent to the achievement of the national and international goals of clean energy generation.