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Today, 14 February, we celebrate World Energy Day. This day was established in 1949 to reflect on the sustainable use of energy and to encourage the use of alternative sources such as renewable energies.


To contribute to reducing the increase in greenhouse gas emissions and the worsening of climate change at Univergy Solar, specialists in the development of solar, wind and green hydrogen projects, we are committed to renewable energies as a sustainable energy system.

In 2012, hand in hand with Spanish and Japanese entrepreneurs, we began our trajectory developing renewable energy projects and today we already have an important international presence focused on the safest and most attractive geographies for renewable energies. At Univergy Solar: At Univergy Solar:

  •  We develop solar and wind energy projects covering all stages of development, from opportunity identification to the ready-to-build phase.
  •  We are committed to green hydrogen, a versatile and non-polluting vector, from which we can obtain electrical or thermal energy without emitting CO2.
  •  We deploy our capabilities for the construction and commissioning of power plants by providing EPC services.
  •  We offer operation and maintenance services for renewable energy generation that enable plant optimisation.

On the occasion of this day we should reflect and become aware of the importance of the rational use of energy in our daily lives. Individually, we can contribute to saving energy by rationalising the use of equipment and household appliances that consume energy passively, such as televisions, chargers, electrical appliances…

14 February, World Energy Day

Renewable energy wherever you are

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