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In order to achieve energy savings, companies and businesses will have to limit the temperature of air conditioning. This new package of urgent measures was approved on 1 August. Although the measures have not yet been specified, it has been guaranteed that there will be no cuts in supply for families and industries.

The new package of energy saving measures establishes that the temperature of air conditioning in summer may not be less than 27 degrees, while heating may not exceed 19 degrees. In the words of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez: “Saving energy is a task for everyone and is a priority”. In fact, this measure is expected to come into force immediately, but it will have to be validated by the Congress of Deputies within a maximum of 30 days as it is a decree.

In addition to temperature regulation, it has been established that buildings and businesses must also have automatic systems for closing doors that remain closed in both winter and summer. These will be required from 30 September and failure to comply with this measure will result in the application of a sanction that has not yet been detailed.

According to the third vice-president, these measures are only a first step towards a much more complete and strategic plan, where it is important to count on the collaboration of all the administrations and the private sector.

What about outdoor work? For those workers who work outdoors, it is the responsibility of the company to limit the work activity and to reach agreements with its employees to ensure the well-being of all of them and to comply with the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks.

Other measures we can take into account to save energy in our work are the following:

  • Make the most of natural light.
  • Switch off all electrical appliances that we are not going to use.
  • Configure the “Stand-by” of the appliances in an appropriate way.
  • Integrate photovoltaic solar energy systems.
  • Identify energy consumption.
  • Use low-consumption lighting.

Undoubtedly, technological advances in energy efficiency, new technologies and responsible use by individuals are key to saving electricity in shops, companies and businesses.