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One of the projects is a floating solar farm of almost 8 MW in the Kagawa Mikicho prefecture Since 2012, Univergy Solar has built renewable energy plants in Japan amounting to more than 200 projects, which in turn, produce 1 GW through installed facilities delivered to customers or under development.

Madrid, Tokyo, November 24, 2020. – The Japanese-Hispanic group, Univergy Solar, continues to consolidate its strong presence in the solar energy market in Japan, with 4 projects awarded in the sixth Public Bidding process carried out by the national government.

The 4 projects are located throughout the Nippon territory, which demonstrates the great capacity of Univergy Solar in the deployment of its projects in the country, reaffirming also its leadership in the development and generation of photovoltaic projects.

Among the 4 projects awarded, one of them consists of a floating solar farm in the Kagawa Mikicho prefecture, with a capacity of 7.8 MW. This project will enter its final stage of development and is expected to obtain the “RTB” (Low Voltage Regulation) by the first quarter of 2021. When the floating solar farm is built, it will become part of one of the largest in Japan.

In turn, Univergy Solar has been awarded two other projects in the Tohoku region, in northern Japan. One is located in the Fukushima Koriyama prefecture, with a capacity of 651 kW, and the other, in the Miyagi Shibata prefecture, with a capacity of 1.2 MW. Finally, the fourth project is in the Kagoshima Satsuma Sendai prefecture, with a capacity of 3MW.

Ignacio Blanco, President and CEO of Univergy Solar, stresses that “with the awarding of these new 4 photovoltaic projects in the bidding process, Univergy Solar consolidates its position in Japan in the installation of solar plants, which positions us as a very competitive company, a fact that is backed by the more than 200 solar plants developed in the country.”

In addition, Blanco notes that “Japan’s goals for the development of photovoltaic solar energy are 28 GW by 2020 and 53 GW by 2030; where currently, solar power generation is only 3.5% of the total energy supply, while the Ministry of Energy (METI) recommends reaching 7% photovoltaic solar energy by 2030.”

In this way, Univergy Solar continues to build on and support the Japanese government’s initiative to eliminate conventional power generation plants, thus making way for renewable energy and doing its part to eliminate CO2 in the environment, forging also a clean and sustainable energy future.