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Most companies are in the midst of a digital transformation, a process that has been forced or encouraged since the pandemic. This transformation has forced companies to store and manage sensitive or important information on local servers or in the cloud.

The increase in cyber attacks, scams and ransomware in recent times has taken a heavy toll on private information and has highlighted the importance of business cybersecurity.

Companies that fall victim to digital crime generate distrust among their customers who feel that their private data has been stolen and sold to other companies.

Protecting the company and its data is of paramount importance and to do so, the right security systems must be in place and… what is the purpose of cybersecurity? To protect any electronic device connected to the internet or a local network.

Cybersecurity can be applied in many fields and with very different costs, but all the most basic factors must be known in order to be able to apply them to employees and managers.

What recommendations do we follow at Univergy Solar?

Systems up to date: The electronic devices used in a company must always be up to date. The latest operating systems incorporate new digital security features to protect against threats in today’s online market.

Protect e-mails: E-mail is the main source of entry for scams and data loss. There are many cases where an employee clicks on a fraudulent link and a virus is spread throughout the company.

Strong passwords: The password is the main wall blocking external threats. It is essential to have a strong password, with more than 8 characters and containing at least one number, one symbol and one capital letter.

According to a study by WP Engine in 2022, the most used passwords in the world were: 123456, qwerty and password.

Train employees: Employee training is perhaps one of the most important areas of this topic. Employees are the easiest gateway to the company’s systems, and it is necessary to make people aware of the importance of being alert to any anomaly. We can divert a large part of our budget on cyber security, but it has been proven that there is nothing more efficient than an employee with the ability to spot an attempted scam or a flaw that gives away an infiltration attempt.

If you haven’t given cybersecurity a high profile until now, it’s time to do so. Defend yourself against attacks and don’t lose all the work you’ve done so far.